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We are looking for volunteers to assist children from families who have English as a second language with their homework, whilst also supporting their parents/carers and helping them connect into the local community.


General responsibilities

> Working with families and carers to help them support the children in completing their homework and improving their English.
> Helping create a warm and welcoming environment for the parents. These adults may have a number of additional support needs.
> Being involved in the planning, preparing and supervision of children’s activities. The volunteer should support and encourage the children to take part in the activity.
> Supporting staff in implementing health and safety procedures, and refering to them should they have concerns about an individual or situation within the group.

Important pre-requisites for the role

> In working with children and their families, many of whom are learning English, the volunteer will need to be an adept and patient communicator.
> Children can get frustrated or distracted and the volunteer would need to be able to guide them to the task at hand, while still making the session a positive experience.
> Ideally the volunteer would have worked in, or have experience of, the educational field and/or of working with those with English as a second language.
> The volunteer should be enthusiastic and welcoming, whilst also being aware of appropriate boundaries.
> Though the role does not require the volunteer to be a Christian, they must be aware and respectful of the Christian ethos upon which Bethany Christian Trust is founded.


Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre
5 Moredunvale Pl, Edinburgh
EH17 7LB

Pattern of hours: The group runs every Wednesday from 4-5pm during term time.


Apply Now

As Bethany is a Christian organisation applicants interested should be in sympathy with and accept the mission, vision and values of the organisation.

Please send your application to

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