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We are looking for volunteers to assist children from families who have English as a second language with their homework, whilst also supporting their parents/carers and helping them connect into the local community.


General responsibilities

> Working with families and carers to help them support the children in completing their homework and improving their English.
> Helping create a warm and welcoming environment for the parents. These adults may have a number of additional support needs.
> Being involved in the planning, preparing and supervision of children’s activities. The volunteer should support and encourage the children to take part in the activity.
> Supporting staff in implementing health and safety procedures, and refering to them should they have concerns about an individual or situation within the group.

Important pre-requisites for the role

> In working with children and their families, many of whom are learning English, the volunteer will need to be an adept and patient communicator.
> Children can get frustrated or distracted and the volunteer would need to be able to guide them to the task at hand, while still making the session a positive experience.
> Ideally the volunteer would have worked in, or have experience of, the educational field and/or of working with those with English as a second language.
> The volunteer should be enthusiastic and welcoming, whilst also being aware of appropriate boundaries.
> Though the role does not require the volunteer to be a Christian, they must be aware and respectful of the Christian ethos upon which Bethany Christian Trust is founded.


Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre
5 Moredunvale Pl, Edinburgh
EH17 7LB

Pattern of hours: The group runs every Wednesday from 4-5pm during term time.


Apply Now

Please send your application to and our Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch shortly.

Volunteers are vital to our work and we couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you!

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